Well, NOT EVERYTHING from the collection.

In case you haven’t read it yet, I had raved about this collection in my previous post here. So, what did I manage to bag? Come peek! 🙂


Yesssssss. I finally got myself ONE BLUSH & ONE LIPGLASS from the collection. I was eyeing the blush in Sideshow You BUT it’s sold out before I could say Springfield! UGH! But hey, Pink Sprinkles is good tooooo. ❤

Do note that I’m not doing full reviews for these two, so, this post is just gonna be a quickie first impression ya!



PRETTY PACKAGING FTW! I’m quite sad that mine got a scratch but it’s still okay. Marge’s fantastic blue beehive got that covered for me! 🙂



IT’S HUGE! For a blush, I mean.


Equipped with mirror for easier touch ups (?) Pretty color, ain’t it?


CLOSE UP: Look at Marge throwing us some sassy glance. Tell me is this cool design or whuutttt?

How about that, girrllllll! With Marge giving ya that look. Haha! I think the packaging is such a beauty! LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow contrasting with the blue and black. So Simpsons! Inside the compact, you have Marge giving you the look as well as a mirror. I do not want the Marge face to go disappearing on me but I have got to use it, right? Sobsss. The blush itself is a cool-toned, soft, cotton candy pink with satin finish. I love MAC satins. It’s like matte but better, perfect for glowy look sans glitter or shimmer. Idk why it looks bright lilac-y purpley pink but it’s lighter than in the photo. The name Pink Sprinkles is spot on! Since I have warm skintone, I thought it’d look weird on me but not so. I am pleasantly surprised! The blush is also bigger in size compared to the normal MAC blushes. Think beauty powder compacts. But it’s blush. Ya know? HAHA! The swatch will be at the end, so hold on ya!



My first lipglass ❤ And yes, the packaging is pretty too. 


Size of the product.


Grand Pumpkin – milky peachy goody


Comes with a standard doe foot applicator



I was (and still am) obsessing bout everything orange and peachy. When I saw the Grand Pumpkin swatches online, I knew I had to get it. Luckily, I got it. It’s a milky peachy lipglass and is quite opaque. Opaque as in the color still pop on my pigmented lips rather than appearing samey samey, which is pretty much why I am not so into lipgloss. I am super excited for this one because it’s my first ever lipglass from MAC and – phew – thank God, it’s not hate at first swatch. In fact, the delicious scent of the product swoon me. It’s MAC’s signature vanilla-ish scent, which I am so into and I am not even a fan of vanilla-scented products in general.




Left – Grand Pumpkin (swatched once), Right – Pink Sprinkles (swatched twice); in direct sunlight.

And how these two look on me……


Pink Sprinkles on my left apple of the cheek & Grand Pumpkin on my lips.

Pink Sprinkles doesn’t show up much in the picture, but in real life, it’s there. The blush makes me look like I just jogged my bum out. Which is good!


The products I got are okay. I am much more excited for the lipglass more than the blush, which is something not so me because I’m more of a blush babe. But the shade is not so unique that could make me feel gaga over it. I think I’m paying more for the packaging. Of course, it’s The Simpsons and it’s Limited Edition.

Will I get the products sans The Simpsons packaging? Nope.

Are the products bad? Nope.

Do I regret buying the  products? Nope.

I’m ECSTATIC about the whole collection. It’s just that the Pink Sprinkles shade is really nothing special. Sideshow You and Grand Pumpkin are another story, I think. lipglass. Also, the eyeshadows are much, much worth it but since I usually stick to earthy tones, I skipped ’em.


Do you like what I bagged?

Share with me in the comments below!






Almost a month ago I received yet another hot package from In the package was the product I mostly anticipate to try – a new breed of beautifying cream, this time with more letters. HAHA!

No. Seriously tho. The craze started with BB. Then it’s CC. Then it’s DD. If I’m not mistaken, SIMPLYSITI is the first brand to come up with a combo of CC/DD! How bout that, gals? Curious like me?

Let’s get to know this newcomer, shall we?



Multi Marvel in One Tube.

A truly must-have cream for your beauty needs. Micro-encapsulated pigments even out skin tone and provides natural coverage. Orange stem cell extracts restores skin structures to lessen spots and marks. Over time skin is smooth as satin with a glowing radiance.

Colour Corrector. Disguise & Diminish.


Use as a base before make-up or on its own. Gently apply with your fingertips evenly until fully absorbed.


SHADES: Available in two shades – Light Beige, Natural (Medium) Beige

PRICE: RM 49.90



I knew it looks familiar. I think it looks just like Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundie but the SimplySiti one is upside down. Rip off or not, I LOVE THE SIMPLICITY (get it?) of the packaging. It looks elegant too!

PicMonkey Collage

I also love the fact that the details about the product are not pasted on the packaging with sticker or something. I can tell years from now when the product was manufactured, which I might not be able to do if it’s stickered on.


The efficient tube also comes with an efficient nozzle dispenser. The nozzle is small, perfect for easy control of amount of product dispensed from the tube.




I requested for myself the cream in shade Medium Beige which I figure would suit my tan, NC 40-ish skin tone. Have a look at the swatches (bear in mind that my hand is more tan than my face):


Now is the part that I love the most about the cream. The cream swatched white in colour with minute brown particles. Then you blend it and BOOM the cream transform colour to match your skin tone. How cool is that!

I only wish that there’d be a third shade because I find this one (the darkest among the two) is a tad lighter than my skin tone.

I apply the cream with my fingertips. First, I dot it all over my face and pat ’em in good. Then only I blend it. It blends and set fairly quick on my dry skin.


Well, you be the judge 😀




Can you see the difference? Tell you what. IT WORKS! I applied the product on the left side of my face and whaddupppp my eyebags look less dark and less prominent. My overall complexion also looks brighter than the side sans the cream. NICE! ❤

In terms of coverage, I would say sheer to medium. The pigmentation on my cheeks are still visible. But this is not a foundation. So, I get that going for me. The cream comes equipped with SPF 15 PA++. YAYERS!



  1. Lightweight
  2. Control shine excellently
  3. Chic packaging (Chanel-esque)
  4. Sturdy packaging material, perfect for travelling
  6. Freshen and brighten up my complexion
  7. Dewy, glowy finish
  8. No breakout post-usage (means it’s really non-clogging)
  9. Easily blended with fingertips


  1. Limited shades (might not match dusky babes sobs)

IF you are looking for something that can cover some minor blemishes and but not into anything too heavy since it’s hot and sweaty, then you should give this a go! Just prep your face with a good moisturizer, dab a lil concealer here and there, blend the cream in, and you’d be ready to wow the world. With the winning price tag, you surely cannot go wrong with this.


I bet my skin on it!

This is already available at Watsons, Guardians & other leading pharmacies, so check out your nearest counter.

BUT IF you don’t have the time to pop in the store, you can BUY THIS AT NOW THAT’S GOOD NEWS!

More links for more info:

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So, how do you feel about this product?
Do you buy the idea of CC/DD cream?
Share with me in the comments!


The story goes like this:

Tammy the Mamasan was planning a grand get-together for all the butterflies of The Butterfly Project Malaysia.


The invitations only went out for those who’d been together since the beginning. Ya know, it’s GRAND, so the guests mestilah grand jugak. 😀

I am not grand la. I just joined the group only early this year.

But knowing the details of the project, I was tempted – good food (see how good food always come first in my head), good place, good goodies, good movie, and of course, great people to meet up.

Then boom, mamasan posted on FB that TGV was looking for not one, not two but THREE food bloggers to review the good food they’re serving.

Of course, I got it! Thanks to Tammy who went through troubles for getting me a spot, so thank youuuu Tammy! ❤

But I’d been very naughty for writing my review this late. Sorry, Tammy! 😦

Let’s put the story aside and enjoy pictures of all the good things!

Registration started at 6:30 pm up until 7 pm. I was coming from work, stopped by at home to get dressy a bit and rushed to One Utama to go to TGV. I was in my wedding dress and my glittery gold wedding heels. Imagine me frantically walking (or was I running) up the escalator (the elevator refused to go up like seriously) tying to locate TGV. To aid your imagination, my wedding dress looks like this:


Yes, I was in that dress, running like cray cray to be there on time like ohmygod. Good thing to know is I still can fit in the dress lah. But hello, could I go anymore diva crazy than that? Thanks to the event, I ticked off one item from my bucket list. Haha!

Upon arriving I was sweating like I can’t even put a word to describe that. Nevertheless I was happy to see the 123Cheese photobooth. Photo time la apa lagi!

Since I was late, and rushing, and sweating, I managed to snap just three photos. Oh well, better three than none.




I thought I’d look like a Greek goddess or something with the flower crown on but it looks more like I just piled on awkwardly big, orange chrysanthemum on my head. That’s how I ended up looking liddat in the photo – like I was trying to balance something on my head. You know like the Mardi Gras gals, only, worse. Horrible. Gahhhh.

Then after registration, I went into INDULGE and oh boy was I surprised! With the purple hues, the atmosphere exudes romantic mood. Lovely!




And then there’s the MUSE booth (was it a booth or a stand or set-up idk).


LUCKILY, they were promoting products from Indeed Laboratories. This is the company that produces the genius Hydraluron raved by many skincare enthusiast around the globe. I wanted to get THAT product but I got Pepta-Bright.


Because Hydraluron was gone, finisssss. To my surprise, Pepta-Bright s amazing too! More on that in a separate review, because remember, I was there mainly for the fooood.

So now for the food stuff.

It was a 9 course meal, fellas! 9 course! But of course, we were served in smaller portions so that everyone can have a taste of everything!

The menu for the night was:


Smoked Duck Salad
Smoked duck breast served with mesclun greens, capsicum & skewed with kiwi and balsamic dressing


Who else loves duck, raise your fork and knife! *raising mine* The smoked duck breast was juicy. The smoky flavor pairs well with the tart kiwi and acidic balsamic dressing. I wrapped the sliced meat in the green and ahhhh deliciousss. The melted layer of duck fat made the whole thing a party in my mouth!


Pumpkin Salad
Rocket leaves with honey roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and capsicums, with Balsamic dressing


To be honest, I never liked pumpkin as a fruit (or is it a vegetable?) except for when it’s savory pumpkin soup. Pumpkin slices in my salad? Whoa hold that thought. But for the sake of trying new things in life, I bit into it. Holy Pumpkin it was so good! Coincidentally when I was trying out the dish, the chef came and had a chat with us. When asked about how the pumpkin was cooked, he said it’s just honey and pumpkin, roasted in the oven. Simplicity at its best! Combined, they made a great couple! Sweet and savory – just in. Again, the vinegary balsamic dressing balanced the sweetness of the dish. The rocket leaves (or arugula, as I love to call it but arugula and rocket are just two names for the same thing) have earthy nutty taste which I think is perfect to complement the sweet and sour taste of the dish. My only complain (but don’t bother) is that if only the pumpkin slices were roasted a bittt more. Then it’d be perfect! 😀

RATING: 4.5/5 (almost there)

Between the two salads, I think the Pumpkin Salad is the winner by 0.0000001 point!

Next, for ENTREE, we have:

Stuffed Potato Skins
Potato skins stuffed with turkey bacon & mozzarella


Well, this dish is just good. Good but not special. And again, the melted cheese could be a bit more garing or crunchy for texture of otherwise just mushy.


Lamb Koftas
Lamb patties served with green salad


The lamb kofta is a different story. Although it’s nothing innovative or something, the yogurt mint sauce is just soooo good! And the kofta was a delightful mix of spices. Every bite is a pleasure.


Obviously, the winner between the two is… Mr. Lamb Kofta (it does sound like someone’s name, no?) ❤

Moving on to the MAINS, there were three choices inclusive of lamb, chicken and salmon.

Grilled Salmon
Served with seasonal vegetables with lemon butter sauce

10351091_783420361723193_5460238684526937958_nI’m a huge fan of salmon since the first time I tried it. This one is no exception. As always, the lemon butter taste is the best choice to complement the grilled salmon. No fishy aftertaste, just, richness…… The lemon flavor could be more prominent but hey it’s still good. You can also tell from the picture that the salmon fillet was beautifully grilled. I mean look at that crispy skin. It’s like crack(er) ya know! The fillet was served on a bed of mash along with seasonal vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, broccoli, carrot and cauliflower.

Grilled Lamb Rack
Served with seasonal vegetables & rosemary sauce

indulge-luxury-cinema-tgv-1-utama-the-butterfly-project-grilled-lamb-rack-600x848Another main has lamb rack as its star. I love lamb but not this dish. I imagine the lamb would be tender and juicy with pink center and all. Mine was a bit overcooked so the texture was a bit rubbery and I had to chew many, many times before I could enjoy the juice bursting. Which is a shame. Because I was anticipating the dish. But maybe it’s just my plate. Luckily, the lamb didn’t taste gamey or anything. The flavor was okay but the texture, hmmmm. The gravy was nice, tho! Packed with enough amount black pepper, the gravy added another dimension to the dish. Nice!

RATING: 3.5/5

Cajun Chicken
Grilled boneless chicken thigh with cajun seasoning

10649772_783420311723198_3774488109557221716_nChicken and I are good friends. Not enemies. Not besties. Just good friends. I would typically choose fish and beef or lamb over chicken. Fried chicken? Occasionally. Cajun Chicken by Indulge? Come hug me! HAHA! This dish surprised me. I think it’s the cajun spice working its magic. I do not know how to put it into words, but it’s good. The chicken thigh itself was tender and juicy. I say, GO GET IT!


Now, this is a tie between the salmon dish and the chicken dish. But considering that salmon was my first love, I’d vote the Grilled Salmon as the winner. But if you LOVE chicken, then the chicken dish could be the winner in your book!

During the dinner, we were served the three dishes in small portions together as in a platter:


I think this is genius for those (me) who might have problem choosing which one to try. If only Indulge could consider including this in their menu selection. You know like Awesome Threesome or something……. HAHA!

I was so lucky to be seated with these beautiful ladies during dinnertime:


Curi gambar ye Kak Ella :p

When girls are together, we can talk for hours. Serious. These beautiful ladies were so fun to be with! We exchanged stories about our life and suddenly we didn’t feel like strangers anymore (considering that was the first time we actually talked to each other). Thank you, leng luis!

As for desserts, we were ushered to the movie theater because the desserts were served as an accompany to the movie we’re watching on the night which was (as you might have guessed from the title of this post);


 And my movie date for the night was Kak Ella! Hehehe!

I tell you, LUCY is good. The movie is not just a typical sci-fi action movie. There’s more depth to it. I mean, I never cared about our brain potential. Thanks to this movie, now I know that human could only utilize about 20% of our brain potential. How bout that? 😀

Ooh and the theater is such an indulgence! There were blankets provided and the seats were more like sofa bed. Comfy!


Enough movie ramblings, let’s focus back to our sweet business – DESSERTS!

Before I begin, I would like to first stress on the fact that I’m not a dessert person. Even when I’m having sweet tooth, I’d usually avoid anything super creamy and/or chocolatey (I kinda hate chocolate with few exceptions for Kit Kat, chocolate chip cookies and my mother’s chocolate cake).

With that in mind, let’s see…

Panna Cotta
Italian cooked cream topped with raspberry


SOOOO SEXY THE PRESENTATION! Dont cha wish ya dessert was hot like that? HAHA! And I am happy to report that the taste is equally pleasant. It’s creamy and fresh thanks to the holy matrimony of the cream and the raspberry sauce. Not too sweet, not too creamy – happy ending, I’d say. But I wish there’d be real raspberry pieces for texture. I’m just being too picky now. Sorry! But hey, what a sweet couple, this!

RATING: 4.5/5

Nutty Tortilla Banana
Tortilla filled with peanut butter, cornflakes and freshly sliced banana


Now, now, I never thought tortilla and banana would be good together. I always thought tortilla is mainly used in savory dishes but when used in dessert like this, it’s not bad you know. With this one, it’s all about texture – crunchy cornflakes, chewy tortilla and mushy bananas. It’s an okay for me. It’s new to me. But it’s not a bad first time.


Of course, the Panna Cotta seduced me bettah!

The pictures for the dishes above are ones with the actual portion. In the theater, these were served in a cute bento box. How cute!



Everything’s so fancy I felt like a princessssss. Thank you INDULGE and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for allowing me such indulgence. Planning to drop by again! ❤


About INDULGE – the first luxury cinema in TGV 1 Utama

Recently launched, with its own private ticketing counter, lounge and dining area and also two exclusive cinema halls which is fitted with reclining chairs and personalised call-waiter-service that can accommodate 32 and 40 pax respectively, Indulge is TGV Cinemas’ latest unique cinema concept that stands apart from TGV Cinemas’ current chain of locations and hall. Indulge represents the essence of style coupled together with the concept of cinema.

Not only for the discerning cinema-goer, Indulge is also suitable for private and corporate functions with catering provided regardless with or without a movie screening.

Some of Indulge’s signature dishes include Smoked Duck Salad, Pumpkin Salad, Grilled Salmon served with seasonal vegetables with lemon butter sauce Grilled Lamb Rack, Cajun Chicken and Panna Cotta.

Indulge is opened from 11am with tickets priced at RM45 (meals not included).

For more information about Indulge and to book tickets, please log on to or via TGV Cinemas’ Movie Buddy app which is available on the Apple App and Google Play store.

EZ101, 3rd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-7726 3535 ext 6025
FB : TGV Cinemas


Photos with @butterflymsia watermark belong to The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Photo of Grilled Lamb Rack belongs to Ivy Kam from FOOD Malaysia – a great, great, great food blog! 

So, whaddya think about my Indulge experience?

Share with me in the comments!


Yes, people. I know A LOT is already off the whole Frozen fever.

But I guess, Peripera would not want the movie to go cold and launched a collection featuring the animation.

And I only knew this as I stumbled upon the special stand showcasing the products at Watson, The Curve, last Sunday!

The whole collection is mainly divided into two tone schemes. The ones for Elsa are mostly cool tones (see how they play that) and ones for Anna are mostly warm tones (see see see?). Of course, in the movie, both characters possess contrasting characteristics. Elsa is the grounded, seemingly cold one and Anna is the carefree, bubbly one. Get it? Cool, cold, warm? Right on it, Peripera!


cool vs warm! Clever, aite? 😀

So, the collection includes…

Peripera x Disney Frozen Cushion Pact in two shades – 01 Peach Light Beige (pinkish undertones) and 02 Vanilla Light Beige (yellowish undertones)


Peripera x Disney Frozen Powder Pact also in 2 shades, and LOOK! IT’S OLAF! 😀


Peripera x Disney Frozen Tap Tap Eyes Palette in two variants:

Cool pink and purples for Elsa.

Warm champagne, orange and brown for Anna.

Of course!

Well, I am not loving the Tap Tap thing but hey, the shades look gorgeous!




Peripera x Disney Frozen Magic Glam Tints in two shades – bright fuschia pink and reddish orange! 

Both appear to be of glossy finish.




without doubt, considering my obsession for orange-y shades these days, I gravitate more towards Anna’s lip color!

Peripera x Disney Frozen Wholly Deep Liner Kit

I’m not gonna lie. I’m thinkin about bad things when I learned the name for this kit. Baffled with the poor copywriting, I still find myself loving the pigmentation and finish of every shades in the kit. There are 5 shades which are;

L-R: Black, Brown, Purple, Maroon, Champagne-y Yellow



This eyeliner kit is still not available for sale from what I understood from the stand in Watson. It’s got COMING SOON plastered on the ‘case’ so….. be patient! 😀


Another products from the line that I didn’t find at the stand are the nail polishes in shades that are so FROZEN!



At the stand, I saw they also showcase two looks (yes you get it by now) featuring Anna and Elsa by incorporating the products from the line:



Don’t get me wrong, I love both looks. Weird enough, since I love Anna’s colour scheme, I think I love Elsa’s look a teeny weeny  bit more than Anna’s. Also, why ‘Anna’ has the bitchy angry look and Elsa has the sweet bubbly look??? With a smile??? Come on now! That’s kinda wrong ya know.

 So, which one do you prefer? I love the warm scheme of Anna’s than Elsa’s (as much as I love Anna in the movie more than Elsa. I mean, Anna deserves more credit for growing up so lonely without Elsa yet still feelin positive about everything!)

Will you be buying the entire collection or will you let it go? (SORRY CAN’T HELP IT)



Credit: Images without my watermark are from Google.


So you heard (or read) about the giveaway.

Before I announce the winner, I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to EVERYONE who participated in the giveaway. If it’s up to me (AND if I have many many STILA In The Moment palette), I would say everyone is the winner, because really, all the comments I received from y’all sharing the happiest moments ever made me feel happier! Sadly, there could only be just one winner for this giveaway.

I can’t choose for myself so I let Rafflecopter (and your luck) decide the only winner for the giveaway.

Now is the time to announce the winner!

The winner of the Stila In The Moment Eyeshadow palette goes to…

stila front
























okay okay










OMG! It just so happens that the winner RANDOMLY chosen by Rafflecopter is my best friend, Atiqah or as I decalled her dearly, POPOQ! Have fun rocking the purples, POQ. I know you will.

ANNNNNDDDDDD to others who didn’t win this time, don’t pull a sad face just yet, because I feel like having another giveaway featuring another awesome beauty (or would it be BEAUTIESSSS?). SO, stay tune for that ya!

Have a great weekend ahead, loves.


How many of you are sold to products with delicious name?

Yup. I know. I know. I’m with ya.

Now, when it comes to black sugar, I immediately think the only brand with such product which is Skinfood.

I tried the Skinfood once and lord it made me skin soft.

But today, it’s not Skinfood we’re talking about. It’s Klairs.


Klairs and its uh-mah-zing black sugar polish!

Klairs-GentleBlackSugarFacialPolish-1Like Skinfood, Klairs is also a Korean brand. Since K-wave made an impact around the world, women are more into digging the secrets of the Korean women’ translucent, dewy skin. Many beauty products came ashore in our country but Klairs? Hmmmm. I never heard of it before. Until Natta Cosme extended the opportunity for bloggers to try it. Guess who jumped up and down when the parcel arrived? Yup.

Now let’s get on with the details, ya!

The Product: Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish.



The description from the packaging is written in Korean like hello. So here’s one I took from Natta Cosme:

This sugar scrub for face contains an abundance of black sugar. Black sugar aids in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads. It exfoliates of dry skin with ease and adds a glossy smooth look to the skin. When the seasons change, the skin tends to become a bit uneven with dry patches. These dry patches and cause makeup to apply unevenly and look “caked”. By using the Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Scrub for Face once a week, you can achieve smooth soft skin that is perfect for makeup application. If you use Klairs gentle black sugar scrub with a cleansing oil, you can see even better results!


Recommended for :
– Instant moisture.
– Skin flexibility.
– Anti-aging treatment.
– Relief from minor dermatologist problems.
– To exfoliate dead skin cells.
– To remove blackheads and whiteheads while preventing new ones.
– To remove and treat flaking dry skin.
Caprylic/Caprictriglyceride, Black Strap Powder, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butyrospemum Park II (Shea Butter), Candelila Wax Esters, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Polysorbate 20, Beeswax, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Powder, Fragrance Carapa Guaianenses Seed Oil, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil.
*but now Natta Cosme is having a sale and this is retailing for RM63.20! Check the sale out here.
First impression; is this Aesop? Haha!
PicMonkey Collage
Look at that. It’s the same! The black lid, the tinted jar, the simplistic, black-and-white label – all are the same – except, maybe, for the font. Even that I couldn’t tell apart on the first glance.Well, put that ‘coincidence’ aside, I love the packaging. It doesn’t look cheap, fo sho.
And it comes with a safety lid;
 What I hate about the packaging is that some of the info is written in Korean. Hello. If you plan to expand your brand worldwide, then better have the world to understand you. However, what’s weird is that, I saw some images online of the Klairs jar and the description is written in English. If you get the one in English, lucky you! But mine looks like this;
The part in English;
It’s confusing but hey if it works, it works!
Let’s see later if it works.
It’s not black even though it’s black sugar. Haha! It’s dark brown in color and looks like darkened honey with bits. At least, to me!
thick paste
blended out
The texture is thick and has the consistency like a paste.When blended out, the grainy sugar bits don’t feel irritating against the skin as it melts when in contact with liquid, say oil or water. It’s just nice to feel the sugar sloughing off the dead skin cells and those nasty whiteheads and blackheads but not too much to the point of stripping the natural oils off from our skin. It’s quite moisturizing.
But the smell. UGH! It sucks. It smells like minyak gamat – the traditional ointment made from sea cucumber. I don’t like it. It’s herbal-ish and just not pleasant. Thank God it doesn’t linger!
Let’s see if this ticks all the claims made by the company:
– Instant moisture (YES!)
– Skin flexibility (NOT SURE)
– Anti-aging treatment (Well I don’t have prominent wrinkles so I really can’t tell)
– Relief from minor dermatologist problems. (YES!)
– To exfoliate dead skin cells. (YES! My skin feels smooth after using the polish)
– To remove blackheads and whiteheads while preventing new ones. (YES! But not impressively. But still. YES!)
– To remove and treat flaking dry skin. (Well I wouldn’t say this does that but it doesn’t strip off moisture either)
  1. Nice, simplistic packaging
  2. Quite affordable, especially with the tempting discounts Natta Cosme is offering now
  3. Does what it’s meant to do. Well mostly.


  1. Smells like minyak gamat (sucks)
  2. Only available for online purchases

Overall, 4/5 stars for this product. Get it while it’s on sale!


At Natta Cosme

More links for more info:




So, how do you feel about this product?
Do you have any other favorite facial polish?
Share with me in the comments!


Can you tell from the title already?


Well, helloooooooo, people! I am finally having my own first giveaway.

Last September 5th I celebrated my 24th birthday. It’s the best because this year it’s the first time I got to experience celebrating the day with the husband. You get a different kinda feeling, I’m telling ya.

Thanks for all the wishes I got from friends and families. Really. I felt special on the day. That feeling doesn’t always come for me.


My blog finally got 10, 000 views!

When I first started open this blog, I was nothing, Then, I found the blogging community – The Butterfly Project – and I got to join beauty events, and found new friends (aka blogging expert) that had been so sweet to me.

I can’t thank God enough for all the good things He blessed me with these days – still, Alhamdulillah. 🙂

The best (happiest) moments I ever experienced so far are:

1) Graduated with first class honors from UiTM in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)

Hell. Who would’ve thought that? I was not even the bright one in the class. Eceh. Haha! Plus, with all the stupid things and choices (read: cinta itu buta aka ‘love’) I got myself into. Tears, late night studies (tipu je because I absorb better in the morning), confusions, wrong moves, chasing deadlines like crazy (HELLO thesis), juggling hats (still am), and MORE (you know campus life) – I survived all that. Proudly. My mother got to see me on the stage with my goofy face receiving the scroll and I can tell she was proud of me as well. Tak payah bayar PTPTN uols. Lagi lah I seronok. But of course, graduating pun dah buat I rasa terharu dengan diri sendiri. Belajar sungguh-sungguh, berjaya dunia akhirat. Gitchew.

2) I got married and it’s the best decision I ever made 

I got married at 23. Read more about that here.

I met Rafiq at the most unexpected time ever. But what about my life so far that is kinda expected. Anyway, there goes my love story. The best about husband is, everything (ecewah). No la. He has his flaws and I have mine. We’re still adjusting (maybe it takes forever oh my haha). But we’re happy. Dapat travel sama sama ke India, Nepal (I wish there’ll be more to explore). During the travel, memang banyak dugaan. I mean, how can a wife not be jealous and insecure duduk di Goa where almost every woman is bikini clad. Iols sorang ja muslimah gitew. Kahkahkah! What I am trying to say is, marriage is not what I thought I’d be in when I was 22. I thought I’ll be married by, say, 26 or 28. Well, we have plans, but He knows better, and who we are to object. Pray for us, ya!

3) I went backpacking to Kathmandu, Delhi, Agra, Goa. With my husband. 

I called it my Liberty Tour. Haha! So cheesy. The thing is, I saw my marriage liberating. Kinda the opposite of the common perception. But I think the key is to find the right one for you, and you’ll be fine. Anyway, I wrote about the travel experience at the Travel section here so go have a read. I strongly urge anyone thinking to backpack/travel to just do it. It doesn’t have to be international destinations. Anywhere is adventure, as long as you do it out of our comfort ways. I guarantee, life will seem different after that. Don’t do it fancy.

4) I got a new job

My new job is a love-hate thingy. I hate the crazy hours but I love what I do. More on that later.

Enough about mine, I wanna know about yours!

And if you share with me, you might get the chance to win this:

stila front


how appropriate, right?


stila back

The eyeshadow palette consists of:

10 eyeshadows:

Instinct – pale nude with pink & white shimmer

Impulse – soft lavender with lavender shimmer

Glance – purple with shimmer

Improvise – deep plum with pink sparkles

Catalyst – intense black with pink sparkles

Desire – soft, creamy mid-tone pink

Wonder – mid-tone flesh pink with shimmer

Spontaneous – soft bronze-gold with shimmer

Whim – warm copper-brown with shimmer

Captivate – mid-tone purple-brown with golden pearl


1 Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in “Tetra” (FULL SIZE)

– a shimmering eggplant purple eyeliner (gawjuz)

inside stila

above - no flash below - with flash

above – no flash
below – with flash

and since I cannot swatch this palette because it’s gonna  be yours, here’s a swatch from My Eyeshadow Consultant:


Seeeeeeeee! It’s ultimately a dream to have this palette. It’s not just basic browns but with pop of purples as well!

Now, I cannot post the rafflecopter giveaway link thingy here because of WordPress setting or something.

So, I resorted to create a Facebook page just for this giveaway.

Go to:

1) The giveaway page here

2) Once you’re on the page, go to the “Giveaway” tab

3) Fill in your entry via Rafflecopter


*winner will be chosen randomly by the Rafflecopter

*local giveaway – open for Malaysians only

Forgive me. I am still not so familiar with the setting and all. I hope it will be okay.

Till then,